I have been making little baby and doll quilts for over 40 years. Simple or difficult there is just something about a handmade or machine quilted quilt.

Years ago I found a technique that I now use often.  I love the raw edged appliqué technique because I think it enables quilters and seamstresses to make something pretty without being afraid of hand appliqué. My grandmother taught me appliqué when I was 10 years old and I love the creativity and beauty of it. 

Directions here measure for a doll quilt, but could be used for a larger base that would be geared towards a newborn baby quilt. A baby newborn quilt usually measures 36" x 36". But for now we are working on a small scale doll quilt/blanket.

Have fun, be original. Use my color scheme, or use one that matches a child’s room, or a bedroom where the quilt will be on display. The technique is an easy process.  This is an excerpt from my pattern that I sell as a PDF download in my shop. It is very very simple to make!

BASIC SUPPLY LIST 1/3 yard Yellow fabric for center block, and pillow sham 1/3 yard light pink polka dot for outer strips, and pillow sham 1/3 yard light blue polka dot fabric for ruffled strips An assortment of pretty, Shabby or Cottage style fabrics for the flower petal blocks. Aqua, pink, dark pink, sage or light green, light blue, florals with pretty rosebuds-to be used for flower petal centers of blocks. Dark pink fabric for additional pillow sham 1/2 yard white cotton for quilt back. 1/2 yard Thin batting if desired. I did not use batting, but it can be used. Needle and thread straight pins Flower pattern pieces can be printed. They are found at the end of this pattern. Or once downloaded hold a piece of copy paper up to the screen, and lightly trace the flower designs with a pencil. Polyester stuffing for pillows.  

Cut a yellow square from fabric that measures 10 1/2" x 10 1/2"

Cut 2 pink strips 3 1/2" x 10 1/2"

Cut 2 pink Strips 3 1/2" x 17 1/2"

Cut 3 fabric strips for blue ruffles 2 1/2" x 44"


 Place a 10 1/2” pink strip face down onto the yellow square. Pin and Sew. On the opposite side of the square, do the same thing. Pin and Sew. Trim threads. Press this piece. Take the two 3 1/2” x 17 1/2” strips and pin to the top of the quilt, and the other strip to the bottom of the quilt piece. Sew together. Trim any excess fabric. There should now be pink strips on each side of the yellow square.  Press the quilt piece.      

  There are 5 sizes of flower pattern pieces-ranging from very large, to large, medium large,  small. Using the flower pattern pieces at the end of this pattern, Cut 2 of the Very large flower pattern pieces. Next cut 4 of the regular large flower pattern pieces. Cut 5 medium flower. I used fabric that had all sized designs on it. From florals, checks, dot and spots, and swirls. Practice layering the fabric flowers to see what goes together.


 Begin layering the flowers till the desired look is achieved. No sewing yet.


  Using the flower pattern pieces at the end of this pattern, Cut 2 of the Very large flower pattern pieces. Next cut 4 of the regular large flower pattern pieces. Cut 5 medium flower  pattern pieces. Cut 5 smaller flower pattern pieces. The 5 smaller flower pattern pieces need to have roses, rosebuds or some type of flower center as the focal point of the flower piece. 


  Then place the flower pieces together, layering smaller on top of medium, large, extra large, and so forth. Stack them until there are 5 separate stacked roses. I ended up taking away some of the extra large base pieces because of how I wanted the end result to look. This is a doll quilt, and can be made however it looks best. Bright, pastel, light, rich colors, shabby, cottage, beachy...it can go several color schemes, and end up with several different looks. Lay blocks on the quilt base. I placed the largest flower stacked piece on the right corner side  as shown.


  Pin the inside circle first, then pin outer flower sections.    

  Next, begin sewing the inner circle first. This is not difficult. Sew slowly around 1/4” inside the edge of each flower piece. Start with the inside, then the next to the center circle and so on. Sew each flower piece onto the quilt base until completed. Trim threads, and press the piece carefully.    


  The last part of the top of the doll quilt is to add the ruffle. Sew 3 strips of the light blue end to end. (I ended up not using this much of the blue strips, but some people gather tighter than others, so planning on that, there is extra which can be trimmed after gathering and sewing. Fold top edge of strip down 1/4” so that the raw edges will not show once ruffle has been sewn on. Fold the strip in half lengthwise. Pin. Begin sewing, using a very large stitch for gathering on the raw edge. Gather the strip. Pin the gathered strip to the doll quilt using several straight pins. Also pin the corner gathers down so that they aren’t accidentally sewn over when sewing the seams to the quilt closed. Sew the gathered ruffle onto the doll quilt. Remove pins. Trim threads. Now lay the quilt face down onto the white cotton that will be used for the backing with ruffle folded in. Pin it to the white cotton backing fabric. Turn it back over and carefully trim the excess white cotton fabric away.    


 Using a large stitch, (the quilt will be top stitched after it is sewn together) sew around all the sides of the  quilt, LEAVING A 4” AREA OPEN FOR TURNING RIGHT SIDES OUT. Remove all the pins and then double check again that all the pins are removed by running fingers along edges of quilt. Once pins have all been removed turn the quilt right sides out. Where the quilt opening is, fold the raw edges in 1/4”. Pin the opening closed with several pins so fabric does not shift or move while sewing closed. Sew around the quilt (pink part) 1/8” from the edge, not sewing into the ruffle. Remove pins and carefully trim threads. The doll quilt can be quilted at this point, or a few key stitches can be made at the corners, or in the centers of the flowers to stitch the front of the quilt to the backing.    

PIllow: Cut 2 pieces (front and back) 6" x 9"

To make the pillows, follow the same directions for the flowers and place a flower in the center of a piece of fabric. Sew the flower to the front of the pillowcase front. Once the flower layers have been sewn on trim threads. Place the pillow front face down onto the front of the pillow back. Pin together Sew around three sides of the pillow, 2 long sides and 1 short side.  Sew the pillow like a pillowcase leaving one end open. Once the sewing is done, turn right sides out. Stuff with polyester stuffing. Fold in raw edges of open end. Sew closed. Make one or several. They are fun to make and pretty to look at.

If you'd like to purchase the pattern to download it and the pattern pieces it can be found here @ https://www.etsy.com/listing/269561202/sewing-pattern-pdf-american-girl-doll?ga_search_query=pastel&ref=shop_items_search_10

I'd love to see  your designs whether it is a doll quilt, baby quilt, or if you have used the roses idea on something creative of your own!