Hey everyone. I wanted to share this simple DIY pattern to make a tea cozy in miniature 1:12 scale....or close to 1:12 scale. I purchased several unfinished but glazed tea pots from a dollhouse miniature manufacturer. Using the tea pot as the standard, I created a pattern that would be simple and fit over the tea pot.

While making one inch scale miniatures I will often have to adjust what I make to fit a bed, or a piece of furniture. DECORATIVE MINIATURES  are often close to one inch scale but may not be an exact one inch scale.

I purchased dishes, furniture, accessories from miniature dollhouse manufacturers all over the world and have found that items range in size. Rather than get upset and toss something out, I try to make it work.

The traceable pattern is below. But I am also showing the measurements and how to recreate this pattern if you are unable to print out the pattern I have provided.

That pattern is straight on the bottom and has a curved top edge. Two pieces are cut out to create the tea cozy along with a strip of fabric that is used for the ruffle on the bottom edge. 

Using the pattern cut out two pieces for the tea cozy.  Also cut out a strip of fabric that is 1 1/8" wide and at least 12" long. The strip will be trimmed down once the ruffle is made.

Using a gathering stitch or long stitch, fold the strip in half lengthwise (WRONG Sides together), and pin if needed. Sew along the raw edge using the long gathering stitch. 

Pull  threads to gather strip and set aside.

Next take the two pattern pieces and place them with right sides together. Pin together. 

When sewing miniatures I will often use 1/4" seam allowance. Or close.  I measured from the edge of the sewing machine foot to the stitch line and it is a bit less than 1/4" on my machine. I use this as my guide.

This is important! Sew around the top of the tea cozy using 1/4" seam allowance, about 2/3 of the way and then stop. The little ruffle needs to be sewn to the straight edge before sewing the tea cozy closed all the way.

Snip the curved edges right to the stitching line. This helps ease the curve and keeps the fabric from rippling underneath

With fingers, open up the tea cozy that is sewn so far. Pin the ruffled strip to the straight edge of the cozy.  With a small stitch, stitch the ruffle to the cozy. Trim threads and any excess fabric stitch.

Remove pins from cozy. (I made several of these using different fabric combinations.) Another thing I found while making these that was helpful, was after removing the pins and pressing the ruffle down, was to then top stitch the tea cozy along the straight edge right above the ruffle, not on the ruffle.

Last step is to close the tea cozy, pin if needed and finish sewing the cozy closed.

Remove pins and trim threads. Using your finger, run along the inside of the cozy smoothing along the curved edge. Press carefully.

Cut a piece of paper that is 1 1/4" tall and 2" wide. fold in half and trim a little rounded corner. unfold and youll have your pattern piece.

The seam allowance I used was 1/4".

Looking through my buttons and ribbons, I found tiny red polka dot ribbon and made a bow out of it. I first make a regular sized bow, and then keep working at it to make it smaller. Trying to make it small at the beginning with tiny ribbon is hard. So cut the ribbon about 10" in length, make the bow, then tug at the ends working and working till it is made small. Hand sew to the side of the cozy. Sew one or two buttons to the ribbon.

If you make one or more I'd love to see it!