Hey everyone! I hope you are enjoying your July 4th weekend. Good food, friends and family.  Our little town always has a parade that we attend. It is usually a fun weekend.

Working for the last several weeks, I have finally finished my newest Ebook in a series of Ebooks that are what I refer to as decorative miniatures. There are seasons, and themes, and projects that I am focusing on in this series. 

I have years of decorating miniature rooms, dioramas, dollhouses.  This led me to work on ebooks that are themed oriented. I share all my tips, and ideas for decorating in miniature. Each book will have new projects that are simple and inexpensive. Each Ebook will be approximately 25 pages long and will be filled with new projects, tons of decorating ideas and little rooms that are decorated with a specific theme or season

in mind.

This ebook is primarily for an Americana/Patriotic seasoned theme and the projects reflect those colors and ideas. However, the new projects I am sharing are not season specific and are meant to give ideas for decorating in general on a small dollhouse 1:12 scale. The projects are fun and would be great to work on with kids.

Simple and quick ideas, meant to inspire.

Available now in my shop Here Miniature Americana Decor and Projects